More people are channelling their own experiences and success into helping people achieve results in their businesses and lifestyle.

With more coaches entering this sector we wanted to create a way for you to stand out and keep celebrating your clients journey.

We have suggested some touch points for their coaching journey with you below:

Why not send a little box to settle their nerves about starting their coaching process with you? A notebook, pen and maybe a calming tea to say it’s a process and all they need to do is trust it.

Was your last coaching session hard to work through or did your client have a break through? Follow up a particular session with a box and use the message card to re-affirm your learnings.

Now is not the time to give up! Let your clients know that you are with them every Step of the way with a bit of motivation landing on their door mat.

Becoming someones coach means you often get to know them better than those closest to them. Use your knowledge of what they love to create a box bespoke to them and celebrate their achievements.

Perhaps you are coaching a group or holding a special coaching group get together? We can create bespoke boxes for each person or a box tailored to everyone to take to your event

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