The recruitment industry has been booming over the last few years and we want to help YOU stand out from the crowd. Not only do you have the recruiting company as a client to keep happy, you also have the employee you place as a customer who may continue to use your services.

We have included some ideas below of when we think a corporate box from you would be appropriate and what it could do for YOUR business.

Keeping in touch with your companies can mean that they continue to use your services time and time again. Why not personalise your boxes as you get to know your companies – do they have a dog? are they vegan? There’s so many options to help keep that relationship going

Send A Box:

  • To encourage the use of your services
  • To thank them for using your services
  • To celebrate company achievements and milestones

In most cases they may not be your paying customers but their performance and talent has given you a business transaction. If they have felt looked after during the process they are more likely to come to you when they are looking for another role, enabling you to offer the best talent out there before anybody else.

Send A Box:

  • To congratulate them on getting the job
  • To celebrate their first day on the new job
  • To keep them motivated for their interviews


Don’t forget to reward and motivate your recruitment team. We can supply one off boxes for your staff or regular boxes catering to your needs.

We can definitely make each box bespoke to your staff members so don’t worry if you’ve got individual requirements to cater for